Make Monday’s 100 times better

When I was about 18 years old I worked for a boat yard in Lancashire, I was the new kid on the block and got all the shit jobs. It was run by the angriest man on the planet, he was so far removed from the word ‘culture’ it was unreal. He thrived on being angry, shouting and basically terrorising all the people that worked for him. He smoked too much, was about 10 stone over weight, drunk too much and gambled. Turns out he had some fairly serious heart attacks later in life… go figure. One day we were mixing a huge vat of ‘gel’, thats the white stuff you see on the outside of boats, I added too much hardener to the vat by accident; causing it to be about 10 gallons of useless solid goo. Pretty much everyone at the boat yard deserted me like rats on a sinking ship. Then ‘he’ found out…

I made a decision that day that would never work for anyone else, or at least for someone like him. You see life is too short to ‘work’ as in to do something you don’t love doing, I did a short video recently around 960 months… thats all you get if you live to 80 years old. We spend a third of that time asleep (well most of us do) so that knocks it down to 640 months, we spend around 20 years in school and education so that leaves us 400 months of life to live. If you live to 80.

People get up on a Monday morning to an alarm clock wishing it was already Friday. Monday morning blues, I don’t like Mondays, Blue Mondays, Monday has a pretty bad time of it. I can’t imagine living such a short life wishing 4/7ths of it away each week. Then once people are up they commute on packed trains and packed motorways, stressed about the kids not eating breakfast or little Tommie forgetting to brush his teeth, invariably a crap packed lunch is thrown together with some processed ham or cheese, a pepperami and a fruit shoot. Convenient. They spend 8 hours of their remaining months doing a shit job, they hate and moan about, working their butts off for just enough money to pay off the credit card each week. They clock watch till 5:30 then boom, out the door to the busy trains, buses and motorways. Once home they down a beer or a wine, kiss the kids and slump in front of the TV, feeding their brains full of banal programmes about how to cook sponge cake or how to survive in a jungle. 10pm arrives and they walk off to bed, tired and grumpy moaning they aren’t gonna get ‘any’ tonight because it’s late and their partner isn’t in the mood. Rinse and repeat… for years and years and years.

Now I’m not saying this is everybody, but I know so many people who have this life. They look at me and are all envious of what I have managed to build up, they’re envious that I cant wait to get into work on a Monday, they’re envious that I get a kick out of what I do. And I retort with monotonous regularity that I’ve done nothing more than be in charge of my own destiny, I could have done things 1000% better if I had my time again, knowing what I know now, but I haven’t and I’m not going to dwell on it, I’m healthy, I have a good life, a great family and don’t worry about paying the bills. I can’t compute the logic of going to work everyday in a job you don’t like, it just doesn’t add up in my head. You get 1 life, ONE! … you have a 16 trillion to 1 chance of actually being here for starters, so then people spunk it all away (pardon the pun) doing stuff they don’t want to do.

Many people say, it’s ok for you, you’ve done it, I cant leave my job because I need the money to pay the bills… What they’re really saying is they don’t want to. Because the knowledge is out there, the failures, successes and stories are all out there, for a few quid a month you could read every DIY business book in the world, the opportunities for success never stop, I will guarantee for as long as I’m alive people will be starting new businesses every day, every hour around the world. There is only one thing stopping you from starting your own business…YOU. You will have skills, you will have a passion for something, whether it’s bikes, beer, bridal, bouncy castles or basket weaving, it doesn’t matter, If you wake up on a Monday morning pissed off you’ve got to go to work CHANGE IT! Now is the right time, don’t put it off. You probably will put it off because our brains are conditioned to run away from things that scare us. It’s called fight or flight, all to do with cavemen and tigers a long long time ago… But here’s the good news, you don’t need to be scared, because you can put it off, and for a very good reason. You can put it off until you are 100% cast iron confident it’s going to work. By reading, researching, analysing and planning the road to your success. Even this part of the journey will make your Monday morning 100 times better because you’ll be distracted by how awesome your new business is going to be, instead of listening to Radio 1 on the way into work you’ll be listening to audio books around business, success and self development. These books will teach you so much more than just business, they will show you how to be more organised, in charge of your time, healthy living, family time. Soon your kids will be going to school with organic chicken wraps and home made smoothies, and your bedtime will become a LOT more interesting.

Your days at work will be full of analysis on how your current business is doing things, what they do good, what they do bad what they do average (see my video: keep on looking) instead of going home and watching masterchef do a little bit more planning to your success. This time while you are getting paid by your current boss is invaluable to you. I remember when I did once work for a company in London, I heard about a new invention called ‘the internet’ (you may of heard of it) I spent my nights learning HTML1 and redesigning all of the companies CD rom designs and brochures. Presented them to the owner and he set up a design division and made me head of it. Turns out I only stopped there for a short time as I’d worked out the possibilities of getting off your arse and carving out your own path. Anyway, back to you. Do a search on Google for Monday quotes, or Monday cards. You’ll find tons of them, all compounding the fact that Mondays are shit and Fridays rock. But that’s like losing 300 of the 400 months left (if you’re only 20 and you live to 80!) wishing away 300 months of your 400 remaining is bollox. stop it. stop it now. Get your clever, brilliant, talented self up off the sofa or crap office chair you’re sat on, search for some books by Gary Vaynerchuck, Tony Robbins, Shaa Wasmund. Download one or two, get them on your headphones, in your car and believe in yourself. YOU can do it. I promise.

And great, if you’re happy working for someone else that’s cool too, you maybe in the best job in the world, paid 1000 times more than the average entrepreneur, thats awesome, as long as you love waking up on a Monday morning, you’re doing the right thing. Personally just waking up is an achievement we should all be thankful of!

Do it, you will not regret it.

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